Biography | Da Analyst

Da Analyst is a Producer, MC, Graffiti Artist, DJ and sound engineer from Amsterdam, Europe.

He is Born in the 80s, raised in the 90s and inspired by the Hip Hop culture with artists like, Tupac, Wu-tang clan, Big L, Notorious BIG, Geto boys, 3 6 mafia, Yukmouth, KRS-one, Ill bill, tech9ne, Dr Dre, Ice cube, and many many more.

He started DJ-ing at the age of 12. He got addicted to vinyl’s! He fell directly in love with the touch, the smell and the sound of it! With all his money, he bought turntables, and began spinning and mixing records!

The next chapter was at the age of 14, hanging around on the streets and smoking weed. He was seduced by the fast money and started doing criminal activities to buy records and equipment for his music career. One year later the first DJ mixtape was a fact and people were interested in his performances. He started to do weekly’s show at a youth base in the neighborhood, Hip-Hop Bars and later on at bigger clubs. In the timeframe of 3 years he created 5 mixtape and promote the hardcopie cd’s on the streets.

He turned 18, since he no longer needed the money to furter expand his musical career, he wanted to get out of the criminal scene. But he had one problem… The pressure of the adrenaline what he had in crime was still pushing him. The art of graffiti got his interest and he started bombing as an outlet for his adrenaline. This was the solution, to get back in balance!

He spend hours and hours at night on grimey places like train yards, with one goal: hit the trains and put his name upon there. During the time he spend to watch / observe the security, he started to write rap lyrics. Because of the respect to the craft he didn’t record any songs, he understood that you have to learn the art of rap before you ‘step in the ring’.

In 2003 he made the decision to stop DJ-ing for the public and to start making beats instead. He locked himself up for about two years to study producing. In 2005 he joined an organization to grow and balance his inner side and talent. During this period, Da Analyst learned a lot and started to guide other people (youth) like the philosophy of ‘each one teach one’. From 2013 till 2019 he managed a Record label together with the organization.

In 2019 Da Analyst got a ‘Burn out’ and he started to think about some changes in his life. What did he want for his future in the music industry? Da Analyst needed a year to recover his health and he made the choice to perform/present himself as an ‘Independent artist’ from now on. The Summer of 2020 he started working on his first independent EP as a MC / Producer. He produced all the songs on the EP, does his own recording and mixing, and did collaboration with people from his crow up time and international established names.

Da Analyst – Resurrection (EP) is here!

If you’re looking for features, beats, showcases, ghostwriting, graffiti art or other requests, please CONTACT your requirements.