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Da Analyst

"Sleeping dogs don't wake anyone"

- Da Analyst

about me

Da Analyst is a Hip Hop Producer, MC, Soundengineer and Graffiti artist based in Amsterdam, Europe.

With more than 20 years of experience in the Hip hop Culture, Da Analyst can serve you in Beats, Tracks, mixing and mastering, Ghostwriting, Productions Walls, Showcases and more.

CONTACT for information and requirements.


Tracks, Beats & Ghostwriting

Da Analyst is an Mc, Producer and Ghostwriter. For business inquiries please contact here.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

If you are looking for a proffesional and booming sound, Da Analyst can service you in a professional studio.

Showcases & Features

For bookings or features, please contact Da Analyst with you inquiries.

Sponsorships & Investors

If you are looking for international business, the platvorm of Da Analyst lends itself to different forms of cooperation.


High quality hoodies, black and white colors available. Other colors are coming soon! Character is embroidered with perfection.

                                € 65,-

High quality T-shirt, black, white and red colors available. Other colors are coming soon! Handstyle is screen printed.

                             € 24,95

Da Analyst – ‘Resurrection’ (ep) now available on 100+ Streamings platvorms, Hardcopie CD’s and limited edition Blue Color vinyls!

                                 € 7,50

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